Belize City Municipal Airport Project

The BCMA Reconstruction Project commenced on 15th April 2013 and was inaugurated on 11 November, 2016. The BCMA is a code 1A airport.

The project comes at a cost of BZ $17,000,000.00.


  • Old Runway – was a mere 1800 feet X 30 feet at sea level. (Chip Seal)
  • New Runway – Is constructed of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).
    • Length – measures 2900 feet with 100 overrun on both ends totalling 3100 feet of pavement.
    • Major land reclamation was required.
    • Width – measuring 60 feet with additional shoulder pavement of 10 feet on both side for a total 80 feet of pavement.
    • New runway lighting system has been installed.
    • Runway is now approximately 2 feet above the old runway.
    • All appropriate runway marking in compliant with (BCAR) Belize Civil Aviation Regulations and (ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organization were installed.
    • Markings include- runway edge, centreline, orientation number and threshold markings.


  • A parallel taxiway measuring 2700 feet X 60 feet wide was constructed.
  • Taxiway lights has been installed.
  • All appropriate taxiway marking in compliant with (BCAR) Belize Civil Aviation Regulations and (ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organization will be installed.
  • Markings include- centreline, runway hold position.


  • Construction of 10 aircraft parking stalls.
  • Markings include – apron safety line, aircraft parking stall markings and service road markings.
  • All appropriate taxiway marking in compliant with (BCAR) Belize Civil Aviation Regulations and (ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organization will be installed.

Access Road and Drainage

  • The access road that runs between Marion Jones Stadium and SJC has been constructed to service the SBBMA.
  • Road works will be completed from the Marine Parade near (Marion Jones Sporting Complex) to its junction with St Matthew St.
  • Drainage system of the entire airport including box drains, culverts along the apron with major outlets to the sea has been completed.
  • Drainage system was constructed alongside the street which including a pedestrian walkway.
  • New road markings will be installed with appropriate signage.

Seashore Protection

  • 2600 feet of seashore protection was installed alongside the runway to complement the mangrove system.
  • Seashore has a width of 30 feet. 

Security Perimeter Fencing

  • Airport Security perimeter fencing has been constructed to restrict unauthorized access to the air operations side.
  • Appropriate signage will be installed.

Parking Facility

  • Parking lot has been constructed to accommodate 153 vehicles.
  • Security booth along with perimeter fencing has been constructed.
  • Security lighting and appropriate surveillance system will be installed.
  • Electronic barrier system.


  • New job creation/ employment opportunities.
  • Increase revenue to GOB.
  • Increase traffic (landings).
  • World class infrastructure to increase tourism.

Additional Works

  • Provisions have been made for future growth at the BCMA include areas dedicated for:
  • Addition aircraft parking.
  • Aircraft hangars.
  • Concessional areas for economic development.