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    To develop Belize’s air transportation industry through effective aerodrome management focused on safety and security, driven by a highly motivated team of experts dedicated to improving the services and infrastructure provided to aviation stakeholders and the traveling public


    Belize Airports Authority, Belize’s foremost provider of aerodrome services.

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    The Belize Airports Authority operates under the governance of a Board of Directors, which oversees strategic direction. Day-to-day operational responsibilities are managed by a General Manager, supported by administrative and technical staff. This strategic framework provides essential guidance and focus for the institution, offering a clear roadmap with measurable performance metrics. These metrics are used to develop Annual Work Plans & Budgets, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and legal mandates.

    To effectively monitor and evaluate institutional performance, annual activities must align with the objectives and outputs outlined in the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. Any deviation from this plan requires approval from the Board and should not be solely determined by the management team. Activities that do not visibly and measurably contribute to strategic objectives should not receive funding from the institution.

    The Belize Airports Authority (BAA), established under the BAA Act Chapter 238 Laws of Belize, is entrusted with the management and administration of designated aerodromes. Our mandate encompasses the provision of essential services and facilities crucial for the efficient operations of aerodromes across Belize.

    With a pivotal role in Belize’s development landscape, the BAA focuses on the continual enhancement of aerodrome infrastructure while prioritizing safety for all stakeholders. Our commitment to excellence underscores every aspect of our operations, ensuring a seamless experience for all users of Belize’s aviation facilities.
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    • Comprehensive Air Operations Management:
      • Facilitation of Local and International Air Operations round the clock.
      • Regular aerodrome and runway inspections to ensure safety and efficiency.

    • 24/7 Day & Night Operations Support:
      • Seamless support for operations regardless of the time, ensuring continuous service delivery.

    • Emergency Medical Evacuations:
      • Swift facilitation of emergency medical evacuations, prioritizing the safety and well-being of individuals in critical situations.

    • Aircraft and Vehicle Parking Services:
      • Secure parking facilities for private, local aircraft, and vehicles, offering convenience and security to users.

    • Efficient Ramp Services:
      • Proficient ramp services to streamline aircraft handling operations, ensuring smooth transitions on the ground.

    • Non-Aeronautical Development Facilitation:
      • Collaborative approach in facilitating non-aeronautical developments to enhance overall airport infrastructure and services.
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    Belize Airport Authority Building

    Belize Airports Authority

    The BAA was established under the BAA Act Chapter 238 Laws of Belize to manage & administer prescribed aerodromes and provide all essential services and facilities necessary for the efficient operations of said aerodromes.

    The Authority plays a key role in the overall development of Belize. Especially as it relates to its mandate of upgrading physical development of its aerodromes and ensuring safety is priority for all end users.

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    Belize Airports Authority
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    Thea Garcia

    Mrs. Thea Garcia-Ramirez

    General Manager

    Orlando Magana - Belize Airports Authority

    Mr. Orlando Magaña

    Finance Manager

    Delvit Castillo - Belize Airports Authority

    Mr. Delvit Castillo

    Manager Operations & Safety

    Karina Montero - Belize Airports Authority

    Ms. Karina Montejo

    Manager Administration & Business Development

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