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What is the Mission of Belize Airports Authority?

BAA’s Mission is to develop Belize’s air transportation industry through effective aerodrome management focused on safety and security, driven by a highly motivated team of experts dedicated to improving the services and infrastructure provided to aviation stakeholders and the traveling public.

What are the main functions and roles of the Belize Airports Authority?

The functions and roles of the BAA are divided into three essential categories: management, services, and physical development. The Authority plays a key role in the overall development of Belize. Especially as it relates to its mandate of upgrading the physical development of its aerodromes and ensuring safety is a priority for all parties.

How is the Belize Airports Authority governed?

The institution is governed by a Board of Directors and responsibility for day-to-day organizational-level operations has been delegated to a General Manager with an administrative and technical support.

Who is the current General Manager of the Belize Airports Authority?

Mrs. Thea Garcia-Ramirez is the current General Manager.

What types of services does the Belize Airports Authority provide?

Services include the facilitation of Local & International Air Operations, Day-to-Day Aerodrome and Runway Inspection, Day & Night Operations, Facilitate Emergency Medical Evacuations, Parking for Private/Local Aircraft, Parking for Vehicles, Ramp Service & the Facilitation of Non-Aeronautical Development.

How many aerdromes are there in Belize?

There are a total of thirty-six (36) aerodromes in Belize, consisting of sixteen (16) public and twenty (20) private.

What are the primary aerodromes under the Belize Airports Authority Management?

The primary aerodromes under management are the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport; Caye Caulker Municipal Airstrip; John Grief II Airport; Placencia Municipal Airstrip; Punta Gorda Municipal Airstrip; Pelican Beach Municipal Airstrip; Ranchito Municipal Airstrip, and His Excellency Alfredo Martinez Municipal Airstrip.

Is the Philip Goldson International Airport under the Belize Airports Authority Management?

The PSW Goldson International Airport is under contract to Belize Airport Concession Company; and therefore, its operations are not directly controlled by BAA, even though it is owned by the BAA.

How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?

Passengers should arrive to the airport 30 minutes prior to departure.

Do I need my passport to fly domestically?

Passports are not required to fly domestically but passengers are required to present a valid identification card to the travel agent.

Do you use Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) at the aerodromes?

All domestic aerodromes use visual flight rules (VFR).

What are the aircraft weight restrictions for aerodromes?

Aircraft weight restrictions for aerodromes are as follows: those aircraft whose Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) which does not exceed 20,000 pounds are allowed to operate at the John Greif II Airport, Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport and Hector Silva Airstrip; all other aerodromes operate with a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) not exceeding 12,500 pounds.

Is there parking provided for customers at the airports?

The Belize Airports Authority and the Airline Operators provide parking for customers at our aerodromes. As an example, the SBBMA boasts over 150 parking spaces.

How do I obtain a permit to fly international aircrafts locally?

To obtain a permit to fly an international aircraft locally, the applicant must contact the Belize Department of Civil Aviation for an International Landing Permit then apply to the Belize Airports Authority with all the relevant information.

How can I apply for a position at the Belize Airports Authority?

All resumes are to be addressed and sent to the General Manager, Belize Airports Authority, Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, Belize City, Belize.

What are the parking fees for domestic and international aircrafts?

The Parking Fee per day is a standard $4.00 per 10,000lbs. For any aircraft less than 10,000 lbs., the fee is $1.50 for aircrafts up to 4,000 lbs. and $2.00 for aircrafts over 4,000 lbs.

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