Soaring to New Heights: The Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport Upgrade Unveiled

The Belize Airports Authority is thrilled to share the latest developments in our ongoing upgrade project at the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport. Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to execute a series of upgrades aimed at enhancing the overall travel experience and reinforcing the airport’s infrastructure to withstand the elements, ensuring greater resilience for years to come.

Concrete Sections Near Hangars Enhance Main Access Gate: With the completion of concrete sections near the hangars, we have significantly improved the durability and functionality of the Main Access Gate. This enhancement streamlines ground operations, facilitating seamless movements of aircraft and airport vehicles.

2,000-Foot Taxiway Hot Mix and Transition to Runway: A crucial milestone has been achieved with the successful completion of the 2,000-foot taxiway’s hot mix, along with the transition from the taxiway to the runway. Temporary threshold markings have been installed to ensure safety during this phase. The taxiway is currently serving as a temporary runway, allowing uninterrupted operations and keeping Belize connected to the world.

Precision Planning and Execution of Runway Upgrade: Survey works have been completed to guarantee precise planning and execution of the runway upgrade. Our skilled team has diligently installed the approved base material, setting the foundation for a strong and reliable runway surface. Rigorous compaction tests have ensured the proper density and stability of the runway base.

Hot Mix Application and Ongoing Construction: The hot mix application has commenced, with each layer carefully laid to create a smooth and reliable runway surface. Concurrently, construction work continues on the remaining sections of the runway, bringing us closer to its completion.

Essential Markings for Safe Navigation: Once the runway is fully upgraded, essential markings for the taxiway and runway will be installed, ensuring safe navigation for all aircraft.

Continuous Surveys for Precision and Quality: Throughout the project, surveys will continue to be carried out, guaranteeing the highest standards of precision and quality in every aspect of the upgrade.

The Belize Airports Authority takes pride in spearheading the upgrade of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, enhancing connectivity and travel experiences for all. Stay tuned for more updates as we soar to new heights together!

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