Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport - Belize City

The Belize Airports Authority is delighted to share the exhilarating news of the completion and grand reopening of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing Belize’s aviation infrastructure.

For many years, the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport has stood as a vital link, seamlessly connecting Belize City to the entire country. As our nation experiences unprecedented growth and an influx of visitors eager to explore our tropical wonders, the airport has undergone a substantial transformation, responding to the evolving needs of Belize.

Completed Works:

  1. 2000 ft of Impeccably Surfaced Hot Mixed Taxiway: The meticulously surfaced taxiway guarantees a smooth journey for aircraft on the ground, ensuring efficiency and safety.
  2. Smooth Hot Mixed Runway: A carefully crafted runway extends seamlessly, providing a reliable surface for takeoffs and landings, elevating the overall flying experience.
  3. Seamless Transition Connecting Taxiway and Runway: Enhancing overall efficiency, the seamless transition between the taxiway and runway ensures a fluid connection, streamlining aircraft movements.
  4. Robust Concrete Road to the Main Access Gate: A sturdy concrete road leading to the main access gate ensures secure and reliable access to the airport, facilitating smooth operations.
  5. Precision-Laid Taxiway and Runway Thermoplastic Markings: Detailed markings, including threshold markings and runway guidelines, provide clear paths for pilots, ensuring safety during all phases of flight.

The transformation of the runway and taxiway, achieved with high-quality hot mix, promises not only smoother but safer landings and takeoffs, significantly enhancing the overall flying experience for all travelers. The installation of precision-laid runway markings ensures pilots have a clear path, guiding them safely towards their destinations. Paramount attention to detail throughout the upgrade affirms the Belize Airports Authority’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest aviation infrastructure standards.

Beyond the Resilient Hot Mix and Beautifully Applied Markings:

Beyond the resilient hot mix and beautifully applied markings lies the excitement of exploration, the efficient transportation of goods, and the convenience of traveling safely. The upgraded Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport serves as a gateway to a future where possibilities are endless, united in our love for travel, connection, and the extraordinary beauty of Belize.

Celebrating Achievements and Expressing Gratitude:

As we celebrate this monumental achievement, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a pivotal role in making this upgrade a reality. With the enhanced Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, we embark on a journey towards a future of endless possibilities, united in our love for travel, connection, and the extraordinary beauty of Belize.

The Belize Airports Authority – Efficiently Providing Safe Aerodrome Services!

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